Unlike many other programs, the Labovitz MBA program requires completion of only 32 graduate-level credits. This is accomplished by moving all pre-requisite course work prior to the program. Once the prerequisite coursework is completed (see below) the MBA Core coursework consists of 20 semester credits in the functional areas of business and supporting areas, plus a 3-credit "capstone" experience. In addition, all students will complete 9 credits of MBA electives.

MBA Program Learning Goals and Objectives

Upcoming Class Schedules for Duluth or Rochester.

MBA Foundation/Prerequisite Coursework (up to 16 cr)

All students are required to have an adequate quantitative background in business to begin the MBA program. These include:

1. College Algebra and Finite Mathematics (Precalculus).

  • Math options for MBA students without sufficient preparation can be found here.

2. Business foundation coursework, which is available online through UMD's Business Administration Certificate. Business foundation courses include the following:

  • BUS 2100 (2 cr), Fundamentals of Accounting
  • BUS 2200 (2 cr), Fundamentals of Economics
  • BUS 2300 (2 cr), Fundamentals of Operations Management
  • BUS 2400 (2 cr), Fundamentals of Organizational Management
  • BUS 2500 (2 cr), Fundamentals of Applied Statistics
  • BUS 2600 (2 cr), Fundamentals of Financial Management
  • BUS 2700 (2 cr), Fundamentals of Marketing
  • BUS 2800 (2 cr), Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

Note: Students completing all 8 modules will earn a “Certificate in Business Administration” from the Labovitz School.

Prerequisites may be waived based on the applicant's prior business coursework if such coursework was completed within the previous 10 years. Applicants with significant work experience in any of the business foundation areas may request to test out of the area(s) with appropriate proficiency.

MBA Core Coursework (20 cr)

  • MBA 8111 - Business Ethics (2 cr)
  • MBA 8211 - Data Analysis and Statistics for Managers (2 cr)
  • MBA 8311 - Decision Making in Operations (3 cr)
  • MBA 8501 - Accounting for Decision Making and Control (3 cr)
  • MBA 8512 - Managerial Economics (2 cr)
  • MBA 8611 - Financial Management and Decision Making (3 cr)
  • MBA 8711 - Strategic Marketing Management (3 cr)
  • MBA 8811 - Human Resource Challenges (2 cr)

MBA Capstone Experience (3 cr)

MBA 8911 - Strategic Management1 (3 cr)

MBA Electives2 (9 cr)

These are normally fulfilled by taking designated 1-3 credit electives at the 5xxx or 8xxx level. Students can also choose from the following:

  • MBA 8991 – Independent Study (1-3 cr)
  • MBA 8994 – Directed Research (1-6 cr)
  • MBA 8995 - Special Topics: (Various Titles to be Assigned) (1-3 cr)
  • Study Abroad Opportunities (see below)


  1. MBA 8911 can only be taken after completion of MBA 8311, 8501, 8611, 8711 and 8811.
  2. Elective courses may also be taken online through the UW Online Consortium. Instructions to register for coursework as a Graduate Special Student may be found here. Note that the University of Minnesota allows a maximum of 12 credits taken outside the University of Minnesota system to be applied towards a UM graduate degree.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Students in the Labovitz MBA may choose to study abroad as one of their electives. Each year, there are numerous opportunities to participate in short-term, faculty-led, study abroad opportunities offered through the Labovitz School. Recent programs have included courses in Australia, China, India, Ireland, Peru, and Thailand. Unlike most graduate level courses, graduate students on these short-term programs pay the same program fee as undergraduates, but earn graduate-level credit that counts towards their electives in the program.

More information on study abroad opportunities can be found at UMD’s Study Abroad Office website.