Majors & Minors

You can choose from a wide variety of areas in which to concentrate your studies.

  • Sixteen majors comprised of three degree programs: Undergraduate degrees of Bachelor of Accounting (BAcc), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), and Bachelor of Arts in Economics (BA). 
  • Sixteen minors to customize your professional skillset.
  • A solid foundation and BREADTH in the 21 credits of upper-division "core" classes all BBA and BAcc students complete.
  • DEPTH in the major you pursue.
  • Options to have a double major(s) and/or minor(s) for unique academic preparation attractive to employers.
  • For LSBE students to earn a second LSBE major or a minor, they must complete additional coursework as outlined below:
    • In order to earn a second LSBE major, a student must complete a minimum of nine (9) major credits that are not counted towards the student’s other LSBE major(s) or minor(s).
    • In order to earn an LSBE  minor, a student must complete a minimum of six (6) minor credits that are not counted towards the student’s LSBE  major(s) or other minor(s).

Develop your personal vision. Define your career and personal goals first when considering your major(s). Ask yourself, "Where do I want to be five years after graduation?" Your choice of majors and minors will be guided by your answer.

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Undergraduate Majors

Undergraduate Minors

*minors only available to LSBE students