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Praveen Aggarwal
Dr. Praveen Aggarwal

Think. Do. Become. At UMD’s Labovitz School of Business and Economics, our motto succinctly captures the essence of who we are and what we do. We are a community of learners passionate about the process of discovery, self-development, and service. As we immerse ourselves in this process, we challenge and support each other, learn from each other, and try to make LSBE an invigorating and enriching place.

We don’t tell you what to think; we are here to help you discover how to think. During your time at LSBE, of course, you will learn the nitty-gritty working in the business world. But more importantly, you will also tackle some of the deepest questions we face as a people—what is the role of business in a free society, how do we create wealth while enhancing equity, how do we harness the power of data and computing capacity to improve the human condition, how do we preserve what we like in our present, and how do we create what we want in our future. Our faculty are thought leaders in their respective disciplines and are excited about sharing their love of learning with you. Our curriculum is designed to help you become independent, critical thinkers who can ask the right questions just as readily as you can generate effective solutions.

Learning by doing is seamlessly woven into the DNA of our school. A majority of our students graduate with at least one internship experience, with most of these internships being paid. With multiple study abroad programs led by LSBE faculty, you have access to an array of opportunities to learn in a different cultural context. LSBE partners with a number of industry leaders like 3M, maurices, Target, Wells Fargo, Hormel, and others to create an immersive experiential learning environment. Students in our Financial Markets program manage an investment portfolio in excess of $3 million. Our Student-to-Business Initiative allows you to serve as consultants to local businesses, working on solving real-world problems. As an Accounting student, you could be a part of our Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, helping prepare tax returns for hundreds of low-income households. Even our courses are rich in hands-on activities for you, such as case studies, problem-solving, group projects, and creative exercises.

To us, “becoming” implies self-actualization and fulfillment. It is more than just our placement rate (which, at 98-99%, has been consistently pretty strong). No matter who you are or where you are in your personal journey, we want to help bring out the best in you. You will notice this in our primary focus on the student experience. BizDogs, our living learning community, nurtures your sense of belonging from your first day on our campus. Our caring and well-qualified faculty and staff work with you as you explore your interests. With 16 majors and four degree programs, chances are you will find one that matches your interests and ambitions. Through professional clubs, student-run conferences and events, and specialized programming, we create numerous venues for you to develop your leadership skills. We don’t just ask you to grow your professional network, we actually bring business leaders to you through carefully curated Company Days and Industry Days. To help you prepare for a meaningful career, we run a mentoring program that pairs you with suitable mentors from the industry. If you want to venture out on your own, not only do we offer a major in entrepreneurship, but you can also help organize our annual conference on entrepreneurship or the Startup Cup competition, where top business ideas win cash awards. If you want to go into an MBA program right after completing your undergraduate degree you have the option of doing so through our creatively designed 4+1 Program. LSBE is very fortunate to have an extensive slate of alumni, donors, and well-wishers who care deeply about your success, and they invest significant amounts of time, energy, and resources in helping you make your dreams a reality!

On behalf of LSBE faculty and staff, I welcome you to our community of learners. We look forward to working with you on your journey towards a fulfilling future. 

Praveen Aggarwal



Praveen Aggarwal, Ph.D.
Interim Dean, LSBE

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