Certificate in Business Administration

Gain Knowledge. Complete MBA Prerequisites. Earn Certification.

If you’d like to gain knowledge of business fundamentals without declaring a major or minor in LSBE, the Certificate in Business Administration (CBA) might fit your needs. Designed specifically for non-LSBE and pre-MBA students, this fully online set of eight modules provides an overview of business management processes. Each module is worth two credits.

The CBA is designed for:

  1. A non-LSBE student who is interested in gaining knowledge of business fundamentals without declaring a major or minor in business.
  2. Those enrolled in the Cultural Entrepreneurship program through the College of Liberal Arts, where these modules are integrated into that curriculum.
  3. A pre-MBA student who does not have an undergraduate business degree prior to admission to the MBA program and needs to fulfill the prerequisite course requirements.
  4. A community business professional who would like to brush up on your knowledge of business fundamentals or has continuing education needs.

Students can choose to complete all course modules or they can select specific modules based on their interest in the field. If a student completes all eight modules, they will be awarded a Certificate in Business Administration by LSBE.

Please Note: These modules do not serve as substitutes for existing LSBE courses and should not be taken by LSBE students.

Please review the Certificate in Business Admin flyer for more details.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain a strong understanding of business fundamentals
  • Become familiar with the vocabulary of business management
  • Gain an understanding of the challenges faced by managers and strategies used to meet those challenges

Curriculum: (16 credits)

  • BUS 2100: Fundamentals of Accounting
  • BUS 2200: Fundamentals of Economics
  • BUS 2300: Fundamentals of Operations Management
  • BUS 2400: Fundamentals of Organizational Management
  • BUS 2500: Fundamentals of Applied Statistics
  • BUS 2600: Fundamentals of Financial Management
  • BUS 2700: Fundamentals of Marketing
  • BUS 2800: Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

**Note: A minimum of 75% (12 credits) of the certificate coursework must consist of BUS courses taught at UMD.


To be admitted to this undergraduate certificate, students must have an overall GPA of at least 2.00 or meet the admission requirements for admission into UMD. To apply for this certificate, please go to the online application

Application deadline is two weeks before the start of the semester.



Business Certificate Course Offerings for Fall Semester and Spring Semester

First Half of SemesterFirst Half of Semester
BUS 2500BUS 2200
BUS 2700BUS 2400
Second Half of SemesterSecond Half of Semester
BUS 2600BUS 2100
BUS 2800BUS 2300


For more information and/or access to the BUS classes, please contact:

Anna Greshowak
LSBE Advising and Academic Services
[email protected]
(218) 726-6594