Obtaining Credit

Characteristics of an Internship:

  • Typically the length or equivalent of an academic term
  • Might be part-time or full-time depending on the time of year
  • Most internships are paid, however, some internships (e.g. non-profit, government) might be unpaid. Experience gained is the most valuable aspect of the program
  • Integrate reflection within learning objectives
  • Mutually agreed upon by the student, employer, and educational institution

Benefits of an Internship:

There are many benefits to participating in an internship. Some of the common reasons students choose to intern include but are not limited to:

  • Obtain credit towards your major course requirements
  • Explore your interests and discover careers related to your major
  • Apply your knowledge and develop new skills in a professional setting
  • Develop new relationships with people in your chosen field

(Adapted from the National Association of Colleges & Employers)

Steps to Obtaining Academic Credit:

1) Discuss your interests and share your plan with your faculty advisor. 

2) Determine the appropriate academic internship course.

3) Request enrollment to the program by completing the enrollment request form.

4) Schedule an appointment with the LSBE Internship Director to discuss your internship and the course.

5) Once approved, you will be issued a permission number to register for the course. Important to note, tuition will be billed based on the number of credits you enroll in. 

Academic Credit Policies:

  • Students must be declared in their LSBE major with two major courses completed.

  • Variable credits are now offered to provide flexibility with registration options.

  • Employers may expect more than the minimum hours to participate in their internship. Please abide by the company/organization policy.

  • Internships may count toward your Passport Program Requirements.

  • The LSBE Internship Program does not provide academic credit for prior internship experience.

  • Consult with the LSBE Internship Director to determine the appropriate amount of credits for your secured internship.

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