MBA Student Handbook

Online Student Handbook Access Instructions

To access the Labovitz MBA Online Student Handbook, you will need to login with your University of Minnesota email address and password.

If you are not prompted to log in and instead are given a "404 Error" message, ensure that your browser was most recently used for a UofM login (most of these issues arise in the Google Chrome browser).

If you do receive a 404 Error, one quick and easy workaround is to open Google Chrome in "Guest Mode" on desktop. This is a browser mode that doesn't have any cache or history to get in the way of accessing the materials. Here are instructions on how to open guest mode: Once you navigate to the student handbook again, you should be prompted to log in to your UofM account.

If you still receive a 404 error after logging in with your UofM account, please email Daisy Wallace at [email protected] ( to ensure you have proper access granted."