Five-Year Strategic Plan

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  • To offer educational programs that are designed to prepare students to assume responsible positions in business and other organizations. The programs focus on core skills that are critical to success in one's career and on knowledge and skills that provide an understanding of the process of management.
    • Core skills: communication, quantitative, information technology, collaborative work, and decision-making
    • Management-specific areas: the core areas of business, economic principles and policies, law and ethics, diversity, technology, environmental sustainability, and globalization
  • To make peer-reviewed and other intellectual contributions that further the knowledge domain of a discipline, enhance the practice of management, and/ or address pedagogical issues.
  • To engage in outreach activities that bring industry closer to the School's community of learners and make available the School's intellectual resources to the broader community.
  • To make meaningful service contributions to the communities of which we are a part: departments, school, university, scholarly community, and society at large.

Five-Year Strategic Priorities

The School's strategic priorities represent strategic initiatives that will enable the School to achieve its mission, vision, and objectives. LSBE's strategic priorities for the next five years (FY 13 to FY17) include (not in order of priority):

  • Establish new programs, majors, and courses that address market needs and prepare graduates for success in their careers.
  • Explore collaboration prospects with other collegiate units to develop joint programs that address emerging industry needs while leveraging LSBE's strengths.
  • Develop a more intentional strategy for online offerings.
  • Enhance existing efforts to help students develop qualitative skills (e.g., communication, teamwork, problem solving, interpersonal relationships, and cultural competence).
  • Enhance LSBE's image projected on the web, as well as through other commonly used means of communication, to more clearly showcase the work being done by LSBE's faculty, staff, and students.
  • Emphasize experiential learning opportunities that expose students to industry.
  • Work with area community colleges to make LSBE a more transfer-friendly collegiate unit while maintaining LSBE's admission standards and preparation expectations.
  • Advance a deeper understanding and practice of equity, diversity, and inclusivity among LSBE's faculty, staff, and students.
  • Continue to integrate globalization and sustainability in our curriculum and extracurricular efforts.