Internship Course Descriptions

The Learning Experience: 
An internship offers you an individualized experience through the study of a structured employment situation within your major and professional exploration.  The internship is coordinated and agreed upon by the student and the businesses’ site supervisor with approval by the Internship Director. Course assignments throughout the term define the employment relationship, specify and discuss relevant learning outcomes, and assist you in your academic, career, and professional preparedness. 

Internship course outcomes: 

  • Demonstrate the ability to apply major and academic specific knowledge into a workplace setting.
  • Be able to self-assess your strengths, workplace motivations, and opportunities for career growth and academic advancement. 
  • Communicate with professionals and colleagues in the business community through written, verbal, and interpersonal communication.

Determine your internship site:
You can potentially find an internship site on your own, however, the LSBE Internship Program, your faculty advisor, and campus resources also provide support. Once a site is determined, the internship experience is reviewed, and a permission number is issued for the appropriate course registration. You must register for the internship course during the semester of the current internship experience. Credit cannot be obtained for prior experiences.

Before you register:

  • Meet with your advisor to determine how the credits can be applied to your major.
  • Consult with the Internship Director to determine the appropriate credit amount. 
  • An internship site must be secured before you can enroll in the course.
  • Students complete assignments online in addition to their hours worked at their site.
  • Review our academic credit policies to determine your best course options.
  • Tuition will be billed based on the number of credits you register for. 

Exploring your credit options:  
Simply put, an internship is deemed an internship by your educational institution. The variable credit option provides students an opportunity to earn academic credit for more than one internship experience. You select the number of credits when registering for the class. Accounting majors can register for up to 6 credits for one internship experience in order to maintain their student eligibility during the spring semester and to meet the 150 credit requirement required for the CPA. 

Students in credited internships (1-3 credits per internship, repeatable up to 6 credits):
The number of credits only impacts the minimum number of hours worked at the site. All assignments remain the same regardless of the number of registered credits for the course. The academic credit course is graded A-F and the grade is determined based upon the completion of assignments. You are charged tuition based on the number of credits you register for. 

Students in the zero-credit internship:
The purpose of the zero-credit internship course is to formalize the experience and to receive assistance from the Internship Director during the time of your internship. You complete minimal assignments to fulfill the zero credit requirements, however, the internship experience will be recognized on your academic transcript. The course is graded as a pass-fail (S-N), but you will not earn credits toward your degree.  There are no tuition charges or fees for the zero-credit internship course.  

Hours per credit:
The credits are determined by the number of hours you will work at the internship site along with the number of credits you may need for your major. 
0 credit= 100; 1 credit = 100 hour minimum; 2 credits = 150 hours minimum; 3 credits= 200 hour minimum 4 credits= 250 hours minimum; 5 credits= 300 hours minimum; 6 credits=350 hours minimum (accounting majors only). 

LSBE majors who allow for only three (or fewer) credit hours of internship in their Major Curriculum, will be allowed to count the remaining internship credits in the Upper Division Supporting Courses category. The internship course can be repeated three times with a maximum of 6 credits earned. Internships for credit are graded A-F. The grade is determined based upon the completion of assignments and the credited hours. 

Passport Program: 
The enrollment and completion of either internship course will automatically be updated to your passport program upon successful completion.