Will you help more BBER students gain hands-on skills?

The current state of the region's economy, broken down into five, easy to understand charts

Introducing the BBER's newest student researcher

BBER Director Monica Haynes recently presented on climate migration and resiliency at the Association for University Business and Economic Research (AUBER)

Approximately 30,000 people with disabilities entered the labor force in the past five years. What caused this large increase? 

Click here to provide your input on the potential redesign of the I-35 highway in downtown Duluth

The BBER is happy to share with you a series of interviews featuring some of our past project partners and stakeholders.

Currently across the nation, thousands of employees are on strike or threatening to strike.

Jerry Peterson, former BBER director from 1979 to 1993

If I-35 were redesigned, how would you imagine Duluth’s downtown waterfront? We want to talk to you!

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