A surprising partnership with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta led to a tool for Minnesota career counselors, job seekers, and employers.

A fall alumni reunion kicks off scheduled biannual gatherings. 

Introducing our newest undergraduate research assistant 

Bob's career springboard began at age 15, working for his dad, Cecil Meyers, at the Bureau of Business and Economic Research.

What happens when two BBER/UMD alumni who had never met attend the same law school? They become fast friends! 

A job seeker who is receiving public assistance might experience the journey shown on

By isolating the different factors contributing to economic changes, shift share analysis can help inform policy decisions, support regional development, attract investments

The BBER is happy to share with you a series of interviews featuring some of our past project partners and stakeholders.

A brief history of the Port of Duluth-Superior, an overview of the past few years, and some exciting developments that could provide new opportunities in the coming years.

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