Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

With a BBA degree, you will learn how organizations function, as well as how to lead, manage, and help them grow.

It is not simple—leadership never is—but when you are done, you will be prepared for a management career in business, government, or in public or social service organizations. You will understand and be able to influence how organizations work, as well as how to make them successful.

At LSBE, you will learn about management fundamentals, techniques, processes, and skills. You will gain practical experience in accounting, business law, finance, information systems, marketing, operations, and human resource management. Through field studies programs, you will have a chance to learn on the job—gaining valuable work experience, professional contacts, and the opportunity to explore your vocational interests.

As you can see, you will get information from a variety of sources. In fact, about one-half of the required coursework is from other disciplines. That strong liberal arts education will prepare you for the required elective professional courses.

Bachelor of Business Administration Degree Requirements

Requirements for the BBA (120 credits) include:

  • Liberal education requirements
  • At least one course satisfying the international perspective requirement and the cultural diversity requirement must be taken within the liberal education requirements.
  • Completion of at least 30 degree credits at UMD. At least 20 of the last 30 degree credits immediately before graduation must have been taken at UMD. At least 50 percent of required business, accounting and upper division economics credits must be taken at UMD.
  • Compliance with the general regulations governing granting of degrees.
  • Strict limitation on the use of correspondence courses. See LSBE Student Affairs SBE 21.
  • No more than 50 percent of the minimum 120 credits required for the BBA degree may be in accounting, business, or economics courses.
  • Students choosing to pursue a double major, or a major and a minor, within the school will likely exceed 120 total degree credits.
  • Students pursuing more than one degree must complete requirements for both degrees.

Lower Division (60)
Liberal Education Program Requirements (35)
See Liberal Education Program in the Policies and Procedures section in the catalog for each category's title, specific guidelines, and a complete list of approved courses, including Comp 1120—College Writing. LSBE students are encouraged to take at least one year of college-level foreign language.

Pre-Major Requirements
Acct 2001—Principles of Financial Accounting (3)
Acct 2002—Principles of Managerial Accounting (3)
BLaw 2001*—The Legal Environment (3)
Comm 1112*—Public Speaking (3)
or Comm 1222*—Interpersonal Communications (3)
or Foreign language courses (see Advising and Academic Services staff for approved courses)
Econ 1022*—Principles of Economics: Macro (3)
Econ 1023*—Principles of Economics: Micro (3)
Econ 2030—Applied Statistics for Business and Economics (3)
MIS 2201—Introduction to Business Information Systems (3)
Math 1160*—Finite Mathematics and Introduction to Calculus (5)
or Math 1296—Calculus I (5)
Psy 1003*—General Psychology (4)
SSP 1000—Introduction to College Learning (1) (Not required for transfer students or for students who change colleges into LSBE)

*Courses that may be used to fulfill UMD liberal education program requirements.

Additional non-LSBE courses to bring total to 60 pre-candidacy credits. (Non-LSBE statistics courses cannot be used to fulfill elective requirements.)

Upper Division (60)
Communication Skills Requirement (3)
Comp 3121—Advanced Writing: Business
or BCOM 3141—Business Communications

Professional Development (1)
LSBE 3000-Career Development for the Bus Professional (1)

LSBE Core (18)
MGTS 3301—Production and Operations Management (3)
FIN 3601—Corporation Finance (3)
MgtS 3401—Organizational Behavior and Management (3)
Mktg 3701—Principles of Marketing (3)
MgtS 3801—Human Resource Management (3)
MgtS 4481—Strategic Management (3)

Major (21) See Major Flyer for Specific Requirements 

Supporting Courses (17)
(Non-LSBE statistics courses cannot be used to fulfill these requirements)

  • Upper division electives in economics
  • International Requirement—Any course from the list of upper division courses approved for the major or minor in international studies for the BA degree or Acct 4505—International Accounting, Econ 3402 - Global Economic Issues or IntB 3201—International Business.
  • Upper division non-LSBE electives to bring total to 17 credits.
  • Up to 3 cr of a second LSBE Internship can apply here.
  • Up to 12 cr of a 2nd LSBE Major or LSBE minor can apply here.