Economics and Health Care Management Alumni Get Together

A fall alumni reunion kicks off scheduled biannual gatherings. 


This past September, on a sunny afternoon, 36 alumni gathered at Surley Brewing Company in Minneapolis for the first LSBE Economics and Health Care Management department’s alumni event to have been held in five years. 

And it marks the revival of the regularly scheduled event. 

“We’re planning to have them every other year in the Twin Cities,” said Neil Wilmot, head of the department. “We used to have a very robust tradition of alumni events, and we’re looking forward to resurrecting them again.” 

 Andy Buccanero (’16) was one of the alumni attendees who reunited with department faculty and staff and fellow graduates at the event. 

“I think all alumni can agree that LSBE has been instrumental in getting us to where we are today, but I personally know that I would not have gotten where I am now if it wasn't for the unwavering support of faculty and alumni that I've leaned on over the years,” said Buccanero, who has been at JNBA Financial Advisors for over four years and is currently the manager of portfolio implementation and analytics. 

 “Attending events like these allows an opportunity for me to give back to others, in terms of networking or just sharing knowledge and experiences, like I had greatly appreciated receiving in the past. Plus, it's always great to catch up with others, hear about what's going on in the department, and meet new people!”

Also attending were several former LSBE Bureau of Business and Economic Research (BBER) undergraduate research assistants (UGRA) along with retired Economics Professor and former BBER Director Richard Lichty.

Drew Burke (’17), who has been at Bank of America Private Bank for over five years and is currently a portfolio manager, was not only an economics major (and financial markets) but also a BBER UGRA in 2016. 

“I attended the alumni event to meet up with familiar faculty and classmates and to see what the Economics department has in store for the future. It’s always fun to see what life has brought everyone and to share in successes and developments.

“This department has always been so eager to teach/help/guide, and it’s really nice to see faculty who care so much about former and current students!”

Photo: Chris McIntosh (LSBE Economics professor and former BBER UGRA), Drew Burke (former BBER UGRA), Richard Lichty (former LSBE Economics professor and former BBER director), Lyle Solem (former BBER UGRA), Matthew Hockert (former BBER UGRA), Monica Haynes (current BBER director), Avery Wendinger (current BBER UGRA), and Nathan Brand (former BBER UGRA).  



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