Now that you have planned and prepared your UROP proposal, you must apply to the program. Students must submit an application by the posted application due date and time. These are firm deadlines. You may not start the research until the application has been approved.

The application consists of three parts: an application form, a proposal and a recommendation form submitted by your faculty mentor. All parts must be submitted online. At this time, you should begin the additional approval processes or training if you intend to complete a special permission project (for example, a project using human or animal subjects).

Follow the steps below to guide your application process:

  1. Write your proposal and make sure to follow the listed guidelines.

  2. Fill out the application form and upload your proposal online

  3. Have your Faculty Mentor submit your recommendation form online.

Notification about your application and proposal

Once you have submitted all your materials, you will be notified on the status of your application within three to four weeks. UROP applications are judged on the quality of the proposed project, the strength of the collaboration with the faculty sponsor, and the educational benefit it will bring to you. Since funding is limited, awards are granted to the strongest proposals.