New Student Orientation Preparation

Preparation for LSBE New Student Orientation: Advising & Registration

We are excited to have you as a new student in LSBE!

Please view the following videos, accompanying materials and submit the FORM at the bottom, in preparation for your individual advisement and registration appointment.  It will help you be prepared, make the meeting more efficient and allow for a more rich discussion!

**Once you have viewed the videos, please submit the Google Form at the bottom to initiate the scheduling of your appointment.** 


1) LSBE Welcome from our Director of Advising:

Accompanying Handouts:


2) LSBE Candidacy: Acceptance Process for Upper Division!

Accompanying Handout:


3) Understand how LIBERAL EDUCATION integrates with Candidacy.


4) APAS Reports & Transfer Credit:

  • Track your degree progress
  • Check Status of Transfer Credit


5) "HOW TO" Guides for using the MyU Registration System.

Knowing how to add, drop, swap courses is key to executing your academic plan! 

Please view the "Enrollment" How To Guides before your individual advisement and registration appointment here:


6) Individual Advisement & Registration appointment time.

You will receive an invite, within 2 business days, for a Google "Meet" at a specific time on your registration day from an LSBE Advisor after submission of this questionnaire:

LSBE New Student Registration Session Questionnaire


Thank you!