Five-Year Strategic Plan

Five Year Strategic Priorities

In the pursuit of our mission, over the next five years (FY23-FY27), we commit ourselves to the following strategic priorities (not in order of priority):

  1. Career-ready graduates: Through innovative curriculum, effective pedagogy, and carefully curated extra-curricular offerings, prepare students to successfully navigate the rigors and demands of a professional career.
  2. Community collaborations: Strengthen LSBE’s engagement with the community through student projects, service to non-profits, collaborative programs, volunteer work, and sharing of expertise.
  3. Diversity, equity, and inclusion: Prepare students to participate in a more diverse workforce, make LSBE a more welcoming place for all, and help everyone in our community better understand how working together with each of our unique backgrounds serves as an asset to a community and a business.
  4. Experiential learning: Emphasize experiential learning for students across all majors, including internships, student involvement in research, immersive projects, and competitions.
  5. Resource stewardship: Manage available resources in a sustainable and efficient manner (including enrollment management, resource allocation, and course scheduling), generate additional resources to support new initiatives and lighten students’ financial burden through scholarships, and strengthen professional development support for our faculty and staff.
  6. LSBE community: Foster stronger relationships amongst LSBE faculty, staff, students, and alumni that will become a reason for people to come to, stay in, and return to LSBE.
  7. Research: Support a strong research environment that promotes the creation and dissemination of knowledge addressing important business and societal issues.

Approved by the LSBE Senate on April 19, 2022

LSBE Strategic Plan FY23 to FY27 PDF

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