Current Site Supervisors

Hosting an LSBE Intern

Employers and assigned site supervisors (employers supervising interns) play an integral role in the student’s learning and internship experience. If a student is registered for academic credit during an internship, the student is completing course assignments that pair with your internship experience. In order to have a meaningful experience for our students, we ask that you make an honest effort in fulfilling our expectations.

Regular communication will take place between the site supervisor and the Internship Director during the internship period. To help you become more acclimated to the program, below are some items that require your assistance.

Internship Learning Agreement

The Internship Learning Agreement is between the student, employer, and Internship Director. The agreement provides detailed expectations for each party involved. The purpose of the agreement is to solidify the site for the course as well as provide the Internship Director with the correct contact person in the employer’s organization. The person listed as the supervisor should be whom the student intern reports to during the duration of the internship. The student provides the supervisor with the agreement to review and sign. Once completed, the student returns the agreement to the Internship Director for the final signature and a final copy will be returned to you.

Learning Objectives/Goals

The LSBE student is required to develop four S.M.A.R.T learning objectives that integrate major discipline theory, professional skill development, and personal development. An action plan will be constructed that defines how the student is going to achieve each of the learning objectives. Experience and knowledge gained by the student from your internship can be reapplied to the classroom.  It is the student’s responsibility to track the progress, however, we ask that you make an honest effort to help your intern achieve the objectives/goals.

Mid-semester Check-in

About midway through the term, you will need to complete a mid-semester evaluation to ensure that you are getting what you need from LSBE in order to be successful with this internship. Our hope is to recognize any accomplishments as well as address any concerns you might have. If you need to consult with the Internship Director before the mid-semester check-in, she is always available to help you.

Validating Completed Hours

Students will be in charge of tracking hours. We just ask that the site supervisor verify the completed hours based on the number of credits. The student intern will present you with a form to sign that reflects the hours.

Final Employer Evaluation 

At the end of the semester, you will be completing an online evaluation of your intern. The intention is to provide the student intern with constructive feedback. We encourage you and your student to review the evaluation, however, your responses will be returned to the student in the course. This evaluation measures our students based on the top twenty skills outlined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).


  • Provide training/orientation to the internship experience.
  • Provide the necessary tools needed to accomplish work tasks.
  • Offer a variety of workplace tasks associated with your intern’s field of interest.
  • Develop specific projects that allow your intern the ability to apply discipline-specific knowledge in a workplace.
  • Include your intern in department and leadership meetings and reference the organizational chart.
  • Encourage informational interviews for your intern to meet with other departments within the organization.
  • Request that your intern presents and/or provides you a deliverable at the end of the internship.
  • Schedule regular check-in meetings to allow time to discuss topics and learning goal progress.
  • Encourage researching the field and suggest readings to expose your intern to a variety of degree-related careers.
  • Plan to review the employer evaluation feedback with your intern. This is a great opportunity to provide constructive feedback to help your intern in his/her education and future work opportunities.


LSBE Internship Program Employer Handbook cover image

Internship Program Employer Handbook