Plan for an Internship

LSBE students have the opportunity to obtain credit for their internship experience. Review these strategies to start designing your plan today!

Explore your interests to determine the types of internships that meet your interests and career goals.

  • Discuss internships options with your faculty advisor to explore possibilities
  • Schedule an initial meeting with the LSBE Internship Program Director
  • Attend a career or networking event to network with employers and professionals
  • Start to identify potential internship sites and contacts that interest you
  • Research each employer and opportunity to see if it is a fit for your goals
  • Update your resume and have it reviewed by UMD Career Center
  • Review current and past internship sites of LSBE students

Focus and be clear about your goals and what you would like to get out of an internship.

Student at intern site
  • What skills would you like to develop?
  • How will this experience help you in your career path?
  • Determine your timeline for completing an internship
  • Plan ahead- employers tend to recruit early for their internship positions 
  • How does this internship fit into your academic program? 

Develop an effective resume, cover letter, and portfolio.

  • Develop marketing materials tailored to your industry audience (resume, cover letter, and portfolio)
  • Begin creating your materials early!

Search and Apply for internship opportunities.

  • Determine your targeted list of employers
  • Talk with your network of contacts.  Networking is the best method to learning about unadvertised internships 
  • Utilize your Handshake account
  • Apply for multiple internships

Prepare for the interview.

  • Schedule a practice interview with UMD Career & Internship Services
  • Conduct an online interview through InterviewPrep
  • Inquire about appropriate interview attire and interview tips within the LSBE Internship Program
  • Meet with the Internship Program Director to assess your internship opportunities for academic credit

Follow-up with internship leads and contacts.

  • Communicate directly with the internship site supervisor
  • Create a spreadsheet to track your contacts and application progress
  • Connect with employer contacts made on LinkedIn, career events, and applications
  • Correspond through email professionally and in an appropriate timeframe
  • Secure your internship site and follow up with the LSBE Internship Program Director
  • If you receive multiple internship offers, politely decline the ones that you are not planning to pursue, so that their offer may benefit someone else. 

Register for internship credit.

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