About the UROP Program

University of Minnesota Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) provides funding to undergraduate students who work on a research project with a faculty mentor. The program provides $1,500.00 for approximately 120 hours of research. Additionally, students may apply for up to $300.00 in expenses in the application. 

Who Qualifies for UROP?

In order to participate in a UROP project, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Actively in an undergraduate degree program and in good academic standing.
  • Registered for at least 6 credits during the semester of research.
  • While past award recipients may reapply, priority will be given to first‑time applicants.

How are students paid?

The scholarship funds are paid in two portions, once when the project is approved and the final payment when all the requirements are met. Students should check with the Office of Financial Aid to determine how UROP funding could potentially apply toward their financial aid award.

Application Deadlines

You should plan in advance for submitting UROP proposal. It typically takes up to six months of planning to submit a quality proposal. Applications for the fall deadline will occur in October and the spring deadline will occur in February. Due to funding, not all proposals are approved.

What are the research projects you could work on? 

You can develop your own research topic and find a faculty mentor who matches your research interests. 


You may work on a faculty-led research project. To learn more about faculty research initiatives, visit the searching for a faculty mentor page for more information.   

Timeline and Process
Planning for your UROP takes time. Here are some steps you can take to prepare.

  • Identify a topic for your research. This could be your research or working under the direction of a faculty-led research project.
  • Search for a faculty mentor. You can work with any faculty member within the university system. Visit our Searching for Faculty Mentor page for more guidance.   
  • Secure your faculty mentor. Once secured, your mentor will be completing the faculty mentor form via the application portal.  
  • Complete your application. Complete application materials (includes an application form, faculty mentor recommendation form, and proposal) Click here to be directed to the application portal.
  • Submit your application. Your application materials must be submitted by the posted deadline. These deadlines are firm, and late applications will not be accepted. You may not start your research until your proposal is accepted.
  • Receive half the scholarship. Upon acceptance, you will receive half the scholarship into your student account along with access to any expenses you budgeted for.
  • Conduct your research. You should expect to work about 120 hours on your research project.
  • Present your research. You will have two options to present your research at the UMD Showcase either during the fall or spring. You must finish your research and submit your final materials (final report, evaluation form, verification of completion form signed by your mentor).