Searching for a Faculty Mentor

Searching for a Faculty Mentor

Your goal is to find a faculty member whose research is a match with your interests and abilities. Finding a faculty mentor who matches your research interests can take time. Here are some suggestions that can help you navigate this process.

Look on departmental websites.  Faculty most often will list their research interests along with current and past publications.

Search the University of Minnesota Experts Database.  This database provides information on research activities and collaborations throughout the University of Minnesota.

Approach a faculty member. The classroom is a great place to start. Talk with a faculty member whose class you have taken and enjoyed. They might be interested in serving as your mentor or provide you suggestions of other faculty colleagues who fit your interests. 

When approaching a potential faculty mentor, it is customary to be prepared. Here are some steps you can take to get the most out of your meeting.

  • Send a formal email requesting a meeting to discuss the UROP program.
  • Be prepared. You should have some ideas of their research and how it aligns with your interests.
  • Come to the meeting with ideas about what you would like to research and learn about.
  • Be prepared to demonstrate how you have taken the initiative on a project or work task.