Faculty-Published Research/Presentations

LSBE Interim Associate Dean and Morse-Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor of Marketing Praveen Aggarwal, LSBE Professor of Marketing Rajiv Vaidyanathan, and LSBE Professor of Marketing and Head of the Marketing Department Stephen B. Castleberry published an article in the September 2012 issue of the Journal of Business Ethics. The article is titled, "Managerialand Public Attitudes Toward Ethics in Marketing Research."

Aggarwal and Vaidyanathan also published an article with Wojciech KozÅ‚owski, assistantprofessor at the International Center for Business and Management at the University of Warmia and Mazury. The article, "Interdependent self-construal in collectivist cultures: Effects on compliance in a cause-related marketing context" was published in the February 2011 issue of the Journal of Marketing Communications.

Assistant Professor of Business Communications Abram Anders co-designed an e-book titled, "CultivatingChange in the Academy: 50+ stories from the Digital Frontlines at the University of Minnesota in 2012."

LSBE Associate Professor of Management Geoffrey Bell and LSBE Professor of Management Information Systems Dahui Li published an article with University of Southern Mississippi Professor of Management and McCarty Distinguished Professor of Decision Sciences Fujun Lai in the Journal of Strategic Information Systems. The article, featured in the September 2012 issue, was titled, "Firm orientation, community of practice, and Internet-enabled interfirm communication: Evidence from Chinese firms."

Luiggi Donayre, LSBE assistant professor of economics, presented a paper at the 2012 Annual Meetings of Computing in Economics and Finance in Prague, Czech Republic.

Ahmed F. Maamoun, LSBE professor of management, has received confirmation that his research will be published in two journals. His article, "Superior Savings Bank: Is Less More?” will be featured in the Case Research Journal, published by the North American Case Research Association. His research, “Corporate Social Responsibility and the Developing World: Commitment or Duplicity?" will be published in the Business Studies Journal.