Current LSBE Interns

Maximizing Your Internship Experience

Adjusting to a new work site can be challenging and exciting at the same time. There are new items you are learning and new people who you are meeting, and you are making an impression from the very first day. In turn, you are trying to figure out new systems while adapting to a new workplace culture. It is not always easy to figure out a new environment and what is expected of you. Not only are you taking on new tasks to advance your skill set but you are also making a lasting impression with your internship employer. To ease into the internship, there are steps you can initiate to help with your transition and acclimation.

Engaging with Your Supervisor & Colleagues

  • Establish regular meeting times with your supervisor to evaluate your progress.
  • Determine your workstation with your supervisor.
  • Review the company policies, procedures, and expectations.
  • Initiate conversations, so your supervisor understands your interests and areas of strength.
  • Challenge yourself with new projects, be resourceful, but seek help if you are unsure about the task.
  • Set up tasks lists and learn about the tools the employer offers to help you manage projects.
  • Write down the names of new people and practice learning their names.
  • As you become more established, try to professionally connect on LinkedIn with people whom you have met at the internship.

Completing Your Internship Course Requirements

Course assignments are completed throughout the semester. The credited course is graded A-F, and the zero credit course is offered as an S-N grade. Assignments are meant to complement your internship experience and help you relate your onsite learning to your major/s. Visit the LSBE Internship Student Handbook for a complete description of the course assignments.


LSBE Internship Program Student Handbook Cover

Internship Program Student Handbook

Concluding the Internship

As you complete your internship experience, there are things you can do to continue to maintain a lasting impression and relationship with your supervisor and employer. Some employers may have you complete an exit interview or complete a survey regarding your experience. It is important to be honest with them about your experience. If your internship site does not offer you an exit interview or survey, below are some ways to conclude your internship.

  • Schedule a final meeting with your supervisor to review your overall experience.
  • Determine your last day with your supervisor and update them with any work tasks that need to be completed.
  • Deliver a presentation regarding your internship to the leadership team.
  • Write and deliver formal thank you letters to your supervisor and individuals you worked with during your internship.
  • Schedule an exit interview or meeting with your supervisor or the human resources department.
  • Connect with your colleagues via LinkedIn.
  • Ask for a letter of reference or recommendation from your supervisor.
  • Schedule a meeting with the Internship Director to recap your experience.