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Monitoring Degree Progress

Applying for Candidacy
When students reach 45 credits, including those in progress, they are required to apply for candidacy for their degrees. Students fill out an application for candidacy. Upon receipt of the application, a hold is taken off the student's record, permitting the student to register for the next term. The application is used by staff to monitor the progress of students and to provide feedback on such progress. Applications are kept on file and reviewed each term prior to admission to candidacy.

Admission to Candidacy
To be eligible for admission to candidacy, a student must meet all GPA criteria (2.60 overall, 2.60 U of M, and 2.00 pre-candidacy GPAs are required for automatic admission) and must have in-progress any remaining pre-major (pre-candidacy) requirements for the BBA or BAcc degree program. Students do not need to earn a specific minimum grade for candidacy. Instead, students need to earn a passing grade (Grade of D or higher) in courses and meet the GPA levels outlined above. However, BAcc students are required to earn a grade of "C" or better in Acct 2001 and Acct 2002 in order to be admitted to candidacy for the BAcc degree program. Students with a 2.00-2.59 UM overall and pre-major GPAs are pooled and reviewed for evidence of academic success in LSBE majors. Students must maintain GPA eligibility and successfully complete the in-progress pre-major courses in order to maintain candidacy status and to remain registered for upper-division LSBE courses. Students failing to meet these conditions will be notified of the problem.

All formal feedback and notification regarding candidacy will be sent to the student’s UMD e-mail account by Advising and Academic Services staff.

Graduation Plans
Students must file a graduation clearance form when they have completed or are in progress of 90 credits. The online Graduation Planner is to be filled out by the student with the assistance of their advisor. An advisor signature is required on the graduation clearance form. A preliminary credit check is performed the term before the student's expected graduation, and a copy is sent to the student’s University email account. Students are encouraged to register at their assigned registration date and time to maximize course availability.

Monitoring Academic Standing

Students who fail to maintain at least a 2.00 U of M GPA are considered to be on academic probation. Students on probation will have a P1, P2, or PL3 hold on their record which requires students to meet with their assigned advisor or with an advisor in the Advising and Academic Services Office to determine an appropriate course of action. If, at the end of a semester on academic probation, the grade-point average increases up to or above 2.00, the student will be returned to good academic standing. Please refer to the campus policy.

Academic Suspension
If at the end of a semester on probation, a student fails to attain a UM GPA of at least 2.00, that student may be academically suspended. Because some students have trouble adjusting to the standards of a university education, first-term students are not subject to immediate suspension if their U of M GPA is less than 2.00. A suspension action results in the cancellation of all classes for the upcoming semester. Academic suspension also affects financial aid eligibility and on-campus housing as well. Students who wish to appeal their academic suspension must submit an LSBE internal petition, including a letter requesting to receive an extension on their probationary status, along with any supporting documentation that addresses the student's academic performance. The letter must also contain a specific action plan that addresses the student's academic situation. Questions about this process can be sent to the Director of LSBE Advising and Academic Services by calling (218) 726-6594 or by e-mail at [email protected].

Academic Warning
Students whose term GPA is below 2.00, but whose cumulative and UM GPAs are at or above the 2.00 minimum, are placed on Academic Warning. Students should meet with an advisor in the advising office to discuss a plan to return to a good academic standing.


Readmission after Academic Suspension
Readmission into LSBE will be granted once a student has been away from UMD for two consecutive semesters since being academically suspended. All requests for readmission will consist of a Request for Readmission form and an LSBE internal petition along with any supporting documentation. All forms/documentation must be turned in to the LSBE Advising and Academic Services Office in LSBE 111A. Questions about this process should be sent to the Director of LSBE Advising and Academic Services by calling (218) 726-6594 or by e-mail at [email protected].


If you wish to seek further clarification of these issues, please come to the LSBE Advising and Academic Services Office in LSBE 111A.

Monitoring Progress Toward Degree Requirements

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