Ormonde Cragun Ph.D.

Ormonde Cragun
Professional Title
Assistant Professor; Faculty of Human Resource Management

I started at the University of Minnesota, Duluth in 2018 after completing my Ph.D. in Management with an emphasis in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources at the Darla Moore School of  Business at the University of South Carolina.

My research seeks to understand how people impact business performance. My research focuses on three areas: the impact of executives, the effects of compensation, and how human capital (the combination of an individual's knowledge, skills, attributes, and other characteristics) is developed and combines together between multiple Individuals.

Prior to pursuing a Ph.D. I served as the VP of Organizational Effectiveness at Conservice. Before Conservice I held various leadership positions at Bell Helicopter Textron including Director of HR Strategy, Senior HR Business Partner, Director of Continuous Improvement, and Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

I have a Master's Degree in Organizational Behavior from Brigham Young University and a Bachelors of Arts in Management and Human Resources from Utah State University. I rejuvenate through spending time in the outdoors with family and friends. I particularly enjoy mountaineering and am constantly training to improve my conditioning and skills. Most years I venture to the Tetons.


  • 2018, Ph.D. in Management & Organizational Behavior and Human Resources, University of ;South Carolina


  • 1997, Master's in Organizational Behavior, Brigham Young University
  • 1995, Bachelors of Arts in Management and Human Resources, Utah State University.

Research Interests

  • The impact of executives
  • The effects of compensation
  • The emergence of human capital


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Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Human Resource Management (MGTS 3801)
  • Strategic Human Resource Management (MGTS 4871)
  • Training and Development (MGTS 4841)