Kim Nichols Dauner, Ph.D.

Kim Dauner
Professional Title
Associate Professor of Health Care Management and Director of Health Care Management

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  • Ph.D. -University of South Carolina, Arnold School of Public Health

Research Interests

  • Evaluation of community and workplace wellness programs
  • Health care access and the impact of health care policy
  • Social capital, social determinants of health

This faculty member is interested in working with students on research.

Select Publications

  • Dauner, K. N. & Loomer, L. (2021). “A qualitative assessment of barriers and facilitators associated with addressing social determinants of health among members of a health collaborative in the rural Midwest” BMC Health Services Research. 21(1), 1-12.
  • Wilmot, N. A., & Dauner, K. N. (2018). “A longitudinal examination of social capital as a predictor of depression” Applied Economics Letters. doi: 10.1080/13504851.2018.1486968
  • Wilmot, N.A., & Dauner, K.N. (2016). “Examination of the influence of social capital on depression in fragile families” Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, doi:10.1136/jech-2016-207544.
  • LaCaille, L.J, Schultz, J.F., Goei, R., LaCaille, R. A., Dauner, K.N., deSouza, R., Nowak, A. V., & Regal, R. (2016). “Go!: results from a quasi-experimental obesity prevention program with hospital employees.” BMC Public Health, 16:171.
  • Dauner, K.N., Wilmot, N.A, & Schultz, J.F. (2015). “Investigating the temporal relationship between individual-level social capital and health in fragile families.” BMC Public Health, 15:1130.
  • Dauner, K.N. (2015). “Assessing a coalition for outreach and enrollment in Minnesota’s health insurance exchange.” The Qualitative Report, 20(3):251-267.
  • Dauner, K. N., & Thompson, J. (2014). “Young adults' perspectives on being uninsured and implications for health reform.” The Qualitative Report, 19(8):1-16.
  • deSouza, R., Dauner, K.N., Goei, R., LaCaille, L., Kotowski, M., Schultz, J.F., LaCaille, R., & Versnik-Nowak, A. (2014). “An evaluation of the peer helper component of Go!: A multimessage, multi-‘step’ obesity prevention intervention.” American Journal of Health Education, 45:12-19.
  • Dauner, K. N., LaCaille, L., Schultz, J., Harvie, J., Klingner, J., LaCaille, R., Branovan, M. (2011). "Implementing a Healthy and Sustainable Food Practices in a Hospital Cafeteria: A Qualitative Look at Processes, Barriers, and Facilitators of Implementation.". Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition.

Courses Taught

  • Healthcare organization and management
  • Medical sociology
  • Quality Improvement

Additional Information

  • Internship Coordinator for the Health Care Management Program