Kanhaiya Sinha, Ph.D.

Kanhaiya Sinha
Professional Title
Assistant Professor; Faculty of Strategy and Entrepreneurship


  • B Sc. Engineering, Sambalpur University, India
  • MBA, Finance, McGill University, Canada
  • Ph.D., Entrepreneurship and Innovation, University of Calgary, Canada

Research Interests

  • Human Capital and its impact on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial outcomes
  • Performance variability in an entrepreneurial context
  • Governance of innovation
  • Entrepreneurial mobility


  • Osiyevskyy, O., Radnejad, A.B., & Sinha, K.K. (2019). Dynamic responses to disruptive business model innovations: rational, behavioral, and normative perspectives. In T. K. Das (Ed.), Entrepreneurship and Behavioral Strategy. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing, (In press).
  • Sinha, K.K. (2019). Variety of R&D Governance Structures: A Transaction Cost Economics Perspective. Academy of Management Proceedings, 18023
  • Sinha, K.K., Steel, P., Saunders,Chad., Dewald Jim (2019) Synergistic Impacts of Entrepreneurial and Learning Orientations on Performance: A Meta-Analysis . Academy of Management Proceedings, 11822
  • Sinha, K.K., Osiyevskyy, O., (2018) The Impact of Founding Team’s Human Capital on Mean and Variability of New Venture Growth. Academy of Management Proceedings, 11516

Courses Taught

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Management of Innovation and Technology
  • Strategic Business Analysis
  • Small Business Management
  • Strategy