Completing your UROP

Completing your UROP

If you receive a UROP award, you will receive a notification letter. All charges against your UROP account for payroll, supplies, and expenses will be handled by that academic department. You may not be paid for time worked or be reimbursed for expenses accrued prior to the specified date on the approved application.

Additional Requirements

You may receive notice your award is on hold awaiting either IRB or IACUC approval. For information and to apply for approval, please see the Institution Review Board or the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. Research involving human subjects or animals must require additional approval before the research project can be conducted. 

Student Eligibility

While working on a UROP project, students must maintain eligibility for student employment, which includes current registration at the university. Students MUST have all requirements completed at the end of the month prior to graduation (November 30 for fall graduation and April 30 for spring graduation), or they will forfeit the final $750.

Duration of the UROP

Your research project will most likely be completed within four months or a semester duration. If for some reason this must be extended, please consult your UROP coordinator. 

Writing Assistance

The Writing Consultants at the Writers' Workshop are familiar with the UROP guidelines and can provide assistance to you at any stage of the writing process. Visit the Writers’ Workshop website to schedule your appointment. 

Research Assistance

The UMD Kathryn A. Martin Library can provide a tremendous amount of support to you during your UROP research project. Learn about the tools and resources you have access to while completing your UROP. 

Working with your Faculty Mentor

Ask your faculty mentor how they would like to structure the supervision and determine the work schedule. Your faculty mentor provides consultation and oversees your work. 

Presenting your Research

UMD offers undergraduate showcase events in the fall and spring so you can present your research findings. You may develop a poster or deliver an oral presentation. Students who choose alternative venues to present their research should consult with the UROP coordinator. If you are planning to present at a national conference, such as NCUR (Council on Undergraduate Research), prior approval from the UROP coordinator is required. 

LSBE UROP Poster Presentation Template

In order for you to create your own poster using this template, you need to save a copy of the template onto your own Google drive.
  • open the UROP poster template Google slide
  • click file
  • click make a copy
  • select a folder on your Google drive
  • click ok
You now own the copy and can make edits as needed.
Here is the link to the UROP poster presentation template. 

Completing your UROP Requirements

Once you have reached the end of your 120-hour project, there are four ending requirements that must be completed in order for you to complete your UROP and receive the final $750 of your scholarship.