LSBE Community Service Excellence Award

This award is presented to LSBE and Economics students or student organizations that have contributed 100 or more hours of unpaid community service within UMD, Duluth and/or hometown communities. Approved community service activities include, but are not limited to: food shelves, animal shelters, schools, youth centers, clothing drives, hospitals, and nursing homes. Please see LSBE Advising Office in LSBE 111A or email [email protected] for validation of individual volunteer activities that do not fall under the above areas.

Award nomination details and deadline for the 2018-19 academic year to be announced. 


  1. Complete 100 or more hours at one or more organizations within the communities above. (No more than 50 hours can be part of a student organization.)
  2. Download and complete the LSBE Community Service Excellence Award Log Sheet (Click Here)
  3. Submit completed Log Sheet form to the Advising and Academic Services office in LSBE 111A.

Additional Information:

  • Hours of service can be completed individually or as part of a group, in either case hours of service must be recorded.
  • Awards are made annually. Completion of the same project as the previous year will need another verification form.

Students and student organizations that complete the minimum of 100 hours of volunteerism will be recognized at the annual Spring LSBE Honors and Awards Reception.