Competition Nets Winners Scholarships and Finance Expertise

UMD students got a fun lesson on financial investing last spring. 

In conjunction with the Women in Finance Panel that it hosted in February, the Women in Business (WIB) LSBE student organization collaborated with LSBE to hold a stock competition. (You can read about the Women in Finance Panel in the LSBE Fall 2023 True North newsletter.

Using the website Investopedia Stock Simulation, student participants from across UMD used an imaginary portfolio of $100,000 with the intent of trying to increase their total portfolio’s dollar amount over the semester-long contest.  Those with the top three portfolios won scholarships.

“Students could trade stocks and options however they wanted,” said Sophie Scharin, past spring graduate, who double-majored in Financial Markets and German Studies and was the WIB marketing and public relations officer.  “While the game used imaginary money, the stocks and options did exactly what the real stock market did.”

In all, over 60 UMD students participated.  Winners were: First place – Garrett Pritchard ($500 scholarship), Second place – Naga Marella ($250 scholarship), and Ethan Baumgartner ($100 scholarship).

The competition is expected to be held again this spring semester. 

Photo: Interim Associate Dean Jannifer David, Garrett Pritchard, Ethan Baumgartner, Interim Dean Praveen Aggarwal 

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