LSBE's Powerful Female Influence

The past issue of True North, the LSBE newsletter, featured the strong women of LSBE, past and present. 

“Never underestimate the power of a woman.” 

Over 80 years ago, the above slogan was coined to market Ladies Home Journal. 

Since then, women have been emphatically raising bars, climbing ladders, getting their names known, and achieving what was once unachievable.  They are CEOs, COOs, chairs of boards, owners of Fortune 500 companies, supreme court justices, university presidents, and more. 

While there are many women who have reached power-house positions across the globe, it doesn’t take a C-Suite title to be powerful. Managers, directors, associates, specialists, team members—the power of women can be felt from many positions.

For almost 50 years, LSBE has been a catalyst, educating and equipping our female students for impactful careers.

Women are helping to reshape the global business landscape, bringing not only their learned skills but also their innate abilities as women. Their capacity to multitask, empathize, listen, be intuitive, and provide a different viewpoint than men give them and their companies more pathways to success. 

Additionally, women in businesses inspire other women—inside their companies and out. 

This newsletter issue is unique in that it focuses on some of the impactful LSBE women.  Their talents, leadership, inspiration, and insight are immeasurable.  Their accomplishments have greatly affected not only our school but also the world beyond. 

The women of LSBE have power! 

Photo: MBA Director Ariuna Taivan, Interim Associate LSBE Dean Jannifer David, and Bureau of Business and Economic Research Director Monica Haynes


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