Meet the Labovitz School's Student Success Advisor

Student success is a priority at LSBE. While the main measure of success is graduation, success can also mean different things.  

Helping to guide students who may have hit a bump in their road to success is what Jessica Heydt’s job is as Student Success Advisor. 

“I communicate with and provide additional support to LSBE students who are on or near academic probation. I also work with students who have encountered unexpected academic barriers and, therefore, require a bit of guidance to get back on track.”

Academic probation is when a student’s cumulative grade point average (GPA) falls below 2.00. At that point, they are not able to register for classes for the next semester and must meet with their regular advisor. Heydt’s intervention is additional help for the student to get back on track during the next semester and raise their GPA. 

“For a student on academic probation, I will have an initial intake meeting with them where we discuss what went wrong the previous semester and create an action plan for the current semester. Then I continue to check-in with them throughout the semester to see how they are doing on their goals.”

One student whom Heydt helped last year was sophomore Ann Jones (name changed) who was having difficulty balancing schoolwork as a new college student. 

“Jessie helped me prioritize my responsibilities so that I would be able to get back on track,” said Jones.  “She helped me understand that I was not that far away from my goals and that I would be able to accomplish them. I was able to get back on track again. 

“Without Jessie's help, I am not sure if I would have been led to the same pathway that I am on now. I’m making satisfactory academic progress and plan to major in either Human Resources or Business Analytics.” 

Heydt not only helps students who are dealing with academic probation, but she also helps a multitude of students who may have any of a variety of academic issues. 

“I meet with students who have been assigned to me for academic advising, students who have been referred to me by their faculty advisor, students on academic probation, students from other LSBE advisors’ caseloads, students outside LSBE who are thinking of changing colleges to LSBE, students who are transferring from another institution, and I even meet with high school students. I meet with them all!

“I refer any and all students I meet with to the various student resources on campus; common ones being Health Services (for counseling/mental health help), Disability Resources, the Career Center, and the Academic Writing and Learning Center that includes the Tutoring Center, Writers' Workshop, and Supportive Services Programs. 

“I am also able to provide students with a number of strategies and skills for student success (e.g., goal setting, note-taking and test-taking strategies, self-advocating tips, how to stay motivated, how to talk with a professor, and others). Students who take ownership of their past mistakes and communicate with me on a regular basis truly do get back on track. 

“Sometimes life throws our students challenges at the most inopportune times, and I’m here to help them navigate through those.”   

Success for Heydt is when she helps alleviate the student’s stress. 

“I feel I have succeeded when the student feels better about the situation they are in, and they realize they have options.”

LSBE students who need assistance can contact Jessica Heydt at [email protected] or 218-726-7404. Her office is in the Advising and Academic Services Suite, 111 LSBE.

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