LSBE Students Continue to Excel in 3M Frontline Program

Apr 27, 2021

Four LSBE students were accepted into the 3M Frontline program for this upcoming summer. Since 2016 over 20 LSBE students have been selected for the program, which provides immersive internships in sales, analytics, and other business training. When completed, students may be hired full-time.

Photo (from left) Tucker Burquest, Lauren Pulvermacher, Daria Weinzierl, Brianna Westrup

“Our relationship with 3M and their Frontline Internship Program is greatly valued by us and it is exciting to see that they too have found significant value in our students,” said Dr. Rajiv Vaidyanathan, Marketing Department Head.

Due to the continued pandemic conditions, Tucker Burquest, Lauren Pulvermacher, Daria Weinzierl, and Brianna Westrup recently attended the second virtual Frontline program conference. The students met and built relationships with other interns and numerous 3M employees, listened to keynote speakers, and learned about the Fortune 500 company that has $32 billion in sales. The conference serves as a high-level launching opportunity to prepare the students for their summer-long internships within the company’s 20+ divisions in the United States. 

Haley Rinzel and Heather Quarnstrom, LSBE alumni (ʼ20) interned last year with 3M’s Frontline program. Rinzel is now employed with 3M as a sales operations analyst and Quarnstrom as a data intelligence business analyst.

LSBE is one of only 14 universities offering the Frontline program that provides students with high-caliber experiential learning in the sales industry. The school added a professional sales major in 2019 making UMD the only public university in Minnesota to offer one. It is also one of the fastest-growing majors at UMD. Plans are underway to welcome a new director this summer, add a sales minor, and establish an integrated sales center that would provide students with more rigorous experiential opportunities for careers in sales.

2021 3M Frontline Interns

Tucker Burquest is a marketing and professional sales double major who will be graduating in spring 2021. He will be interning in field sales. "The internship with 3M this summer will be a very valuable and humbling learning experience, even in the midst of a global pandemic. I'm excited for a role in sales because I love to serve others. Also, I’m thrilled to sell for a company that aligns so well with my own core values. I can't wait!"

Lauren Pulvermacher is a marketing and professional sales double major who will be graduating in spring 2022. She will be interning in marketing. “I’m looking forward to analyzing real-world business problems and opportunities to use my unique insights and expertise to provide a clear path in which 3M should take. We are in the midst of an unprecedented transformation across transportation and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to be right in the center of it.”

Daria Weinzierl is a consumer insights and analytics major who will be graduating in spring 2022. She will be interning in analytics. “I am most excited to immerse myself in the world of data analytics and learn from industry professionals to grow and develop my career.”

Brianna Westrup is a professional sales and marketing double major who will be graduating in fall 2021. She will be interning in field sales. “3M is a company that dreams big and supports people who dream big too. I am excited to be challenged, grow my network, learn tons, and continue to dream big with a company that inspires me.”

A fifth student from UMD was also selected. Mark Iwen, a Swenson College of Science and Engineering graduate student, will be interning in field sales. “I am looking forward to applying my technical background and knowledge of complex solutions to the sales industry to effectively assist and provide the right product for the customer.”