Dean's Response to COVID-19

Apr 6, 2020

Thank you for helping LSBE during this extraordinary time. 

Dear Alumni and Friends,

I hope this message finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy. We are in unprecedented times. I’d like to take the opportunity to connect and share with you how the Labovitz School of Business and Economics (LSBE) is responding to the COVID-19 epidemic to ensure we simultaneously continue to offer exemplary education while protecting the health and well being of our students, faculty, staff, and community.  

The challenges have been great, but in the midst of transition, faculty and staff have rallied in effort to continue our mission and support our students. I am incredibly proud of and thankful for the LSBE, UMD, and greater U of M system communities.

Classes have transitioned to being provided fully online. I am thankful for the efficiency and expediency in which LSBE and campus IT staff facilitated this transition, the incredible amount of time and energy faculty put into adapting to this new format to ensure students remain engaged, and the flexibility students have afforded as they continue to attain academic excellence.

Advisors are supporting students remotely to ensure their academic needs are met and they are staying on track with major declarations and graduation requirements. I am thankful for the commitment and care they provide as a primary point of contact with our students.

President Gabel has been instrumental in diligently working to meet the needs of all. I am thankful for her leadership, open communication, and compassion and understanding during this time. Please visit the Office of the President website to view her updates.

Please utilize the COVID-19 Updates webpage for the U of M response to the evolving situation. LSBE faculty and staff are working remotely to ensure initiatives keep moving forward. Please continue to connect with us on social media, view our News website, and read our Spring 2020 Newsletter to keep abreast of all that we have done and are continuing to do. 

If you are interested in giving, President Gable has established two Emergency Relief Funds; one to assist students faced with financial difficulties and the other to support front-line caregivers on campus throughout the state. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to the alumni, friends, donors, and community members who have reached out expressing your concern. The outpouring of support and inspirational stories reaffirms that even in the midst of crisis, our dedication to each other stands firm. I am thankful for your continued support and commitment to LSBE. 

Please stay healthy and take care of each other,

Amy B. Hietapelto, Dean
Labovitz School of Business and Economics
University of Minnesota Duluth