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Diversifying your internship search strategies will increase your likelihood of obtaining an internship that fits your goals and interests.


Is about building reciprocated relationships with others in order to expand your network. Start with your circle of family, friends, LSBE faculty and staff, student groups, alumni, and contacts made through previous volunteer and work experiences.

Networking is not about directly asking for a job or about using people. It is about showing genuine interest in the career field and organization of a person you meet and exchanging information. 

Diversify your networking strategies by engaging with others face-to-face and online.

LSBE Professional Groups:

Student organizations are a great way to expand your professional network. Explore the variety of student professional organizations you may join. 


Take advantage of the job search options and employer directory featured in HandshakeAccess thousands of contacts and employers to connect with directly.


LinkedIn is world's largest online professional networking site. It has 300 million+ members and is currently considered the best online networking tool for professionals to develop and engage with their networks. Consider joining a Linkedin professional group.

Engage in Career Events:

The LSBE Internship Program encourages building relationships with employers by actively participating in career events. These activities help you build your professional network. Some opportunities that exist are:

Participation in career related events fulfills a LSBE Passport requirement

Online Internship Search Tools:


The University of Minnesota premiere web based recruiting system accessible to students and employers. Search and apply for internships, career events, and on-campus interviews. Handshake can also be for searching and applying for fulltime positions. Upload your current resume for employers to view.

LinkedIn Student Portal

Search by job function for internships and entry-level positions for recent graduates

An extensive list of internship search sites, professional dress tips, preparedness resources

National internship listings for all fields


Twin Ports regional employer database


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