Sustainability and Our Academics

LSBE values both the theory and practice of Sustainability. This is reflected in both our pedagogy and the physical environment, our building.

Among the reasons LSBE students should incorporate sustainability into their degree:

  • Evidence supporting climate change suggests that you will be facing the effects of changing climate throughout your lives and careers.
  • Many business firms are endorsing sustainability concepts and so will expect new employees to understand the fundamentals of sustainability.
  • It is a developing area with job growth potential in the "green economy."

These required courses in the BBA and BAcc curriculum expose all students to sustainability content:

  • ECON 1023 Principles of Economics: Micro
  • MKTG 3701 Principles of Marketing
  • MGTS 3301 Production and Operations Management
LSBE atrium stairs


Sustainability and Our Building

The Labovitz School of Business and Economics building was built in 2008, and we're still extremely proud of it!  One aspect that makes us especially proud is the fact that the US Green Building Council certified LSBE as successfully meeting the green building standards required for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) at the Gold level. LSBE's Gold Certification was the first of its kind in the University of Minnesota system.

Here are some features of our building that make us green:

Buy Locally
50% of materials in this building were manufactured within 500 miles of this site, reducing carbon emissions.

Second Chance
19% of materials used in construction contain recycled content.

Waste Not
During construction, 78% of waste was diverted from landfills.  Wood, metals, concrete and other materials were recycled or re-used.

Let In the Light
Light and occupancy sensors monitor lighting needs, decreasing electricity used in the building.

Energy Miser
Heating and cooling this building uses less energy due to efficient ventilation systems.

Water Wise
Low flow fixtures and sinks reduce water use by 27%. All restroom toilets are equipped with Zurn Dual Flush handles.

Squared Away
Square carpet tiles allow for the repair of damaged pieces rather than replacing an entire floor.

Salvaged Steel
A protective, weathered layer on salvaged steel panels never requires painting and creates a striking surface.

Let It Rain
Areas of hardy and native plants require no irrigation. They collect stormwater, filter, and slow water runoff.

Other Features

  • Digital signage is utilized in lieu of paper products.
  • Stairways are centrally located and clearly identified to encourage use of stairs over the elevator.
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