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Technology Funding Proposals

Technology Program

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The Labovitz School of Business and Economics (LSBE) seek proposals for technology projects from all LSBE students, faculty and staff each semester. The primary goal of the Technology Grant Proposal Program is the use of student-generated collegiate dollars to provide LSBE with cutting edge technology that will achieve its strategic goals.

Part of that goal is ensuring that students are technology prepared and faculty and staff are technologically equipped to accomplish their objectives. These efforts include providing state-of-the-art technology environment, classrooms, labs, offices, web sites, courses, as well as supporting the training of students, faculty and staff. The online submission website also shows the criteria that will be used to evaluate proposals and the format to be used when submitting proposals.

The LSBE Technology Committee reviews the proposals, ranks them in order of priority and presents the prioritized list to the LSBE Dean. The Dean shall have final authority in determining the allocation of the technology dollars based on the Committee recommendations. 

Proposals for all types of technology projects are invited; however, those projects that have the greatest impact on the LSBE community will have highest priority. It is important to remember that student fees are providing the pool of dollars that will be available to finance technology initiative projects.  The impact on the LSBE community from any technology grant proposal must be recognized and discussed within the proposal.  

NOTE: The Technology Committee is also interested in supporting strategic opportunities for improving technology services and training in LSBE. Please contact us if you have relevant feedback, suggestions, or ideas for innovation.