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Admission into LSBE Prior to Fall 2017 Passport Requirements


The requirements for the Passport Program are to be completed throughout a student's academic careerThese requirements are NOT intended to be completed within a year.

Group A - Extracurricular Engagement (Complete 5 activities) Be sure to include your student ID!
These activities will give students the foundation for engaging in their community, as well as embracing diversity in the workplace. Students must complete 5 of the following:

  1. Attend a student club meeting
  2. Attend a Leadership Workshop in the Kirby Leadership Institute
  3. Attend a cultural diversity event (e.g., events organized by the Multi-Cultural Center)*
  4. Attend a Brown Bag Lunch (e.g., events organized by the Alworth Institute)*
  5. Attend LSBE Distinguished Speaker Series event*
  6. Actively participate in a student organization
  7. Attend an invited speaker talk organized by LSBE*
  8. Attend a Conference ( e.g. LSBE Entrepreneurship Conference)*
  9. Other approved activities*
  10. Engaging in Continuous Learning*
  11. Attend a Cultural Diversity event sponsored by LSBE*
  12. Attend an event that supports an understanding and appreciation of differences among others*
  13. Completion of Excel Workshop Series 1
  14. Completion of Excel Workshop Series 2

Group B - Professional Preparedness (Complete 5 activities)
To prepare students for the business world, these activities allow students to develop the necessary skills to enhance their personal and professional development. Students must complete 5 of the following:

  1. Attend a Career Services workshop*
  2. Attend a Study Abroad information session
  3. Attend a job fair or internship fair or an Expo*
  4. Attend an information session* (i.e., MGD, FMP, Internship, Club Fair, 4+1MBA)
  5. Attend a UROP information session
  6. Participate in College Connection
  7. Complete a mock interview
  8. Complete an information interview*
  9. Attend a networking event (e.g., events organized by FUSE Duluth)*
  10. Participate in “Dress for Success” event
  11. Participate in “Dining for Success” event
  12. Attend a recruiting event*
  13. Other approved activities*
  14. Advanced Continuous Learning Opportunities*
  15. Complete a Take Back College Leadership Workshop
  16. Lunch With Your Professor - Please see LSBE website for specific details/requirements.
  17. Volunteering for an LSBE Event, i.e. Entrepreneurship Conference or Modeling for Dress for Success event, etc.*
  18. Participate in a Health Wellness event sponsored by Health Services.

Group C - Experiential Immersion (Complete 1 activity)
By completing activities in this area, students receive hands-on experience that supplements their class-room education. Students must complete at least 1 of the following:

  1. Complete a Study Abroad short term or semester program
  2. Participate in an SBI project*
  3. Complete an internship with the LSBE internship program*
  4. Serve as an officer in a student organization
  5. Complete 40 hours of community service
  6. Complete a UROP project
  7. Participate in a regional competition related to your major
  8. Earn professional certification in your discipline
  9. Serve on a collegiate or campus committee*
  10. Other approved activities*
  11. Participate in mentorship program
  12. Provide leadership to UMD students through participation in a campus-wide program*
  13. Certification of Excel Workshop Series 1 & 2


  • Activities marked with a * can be repeated for two stamps for that category.
  • Additional activities from Group C can be applied to Categories A and/or B.
  • Transfer students with 45 or more credits are expected to complete A+B=5, C=1.
  • Accounting students are strongly encouraged to complete more career-focused activities.