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Admission into LSBE Fall 2017 and Beyond Passport Requirements


The requirements for the Passport Program are to be completed throughout a student's academic careerThese requirements are NOT intended to be completed within a year.

Group A - Extracurricular and Professional Engagement (Complete 6 activities) Be sure to include your Student ID!
These activities provide opportunities for students to engage in their community and to develop the necessary skills to enhance their personal and professional development.

  1. Attend a student club meeting
  2. Attend a Leadership Workshop in the Kirby Leadership Institute
  3. Attend a campus Brown Bag Lunch event*
  4. Attend LSBE Distinguished Speaker Series event*
  5. Attend an invited speaker talk organized by LSBE
  6. Attend a Conference (e.g. LSBE Entrepreneurship Conference)*
  7. Attend a job or internship fair or an expo*
  8. Complete an informational interview*
  9. Attend a networking event *
  10. Participate in “Dress for Success” event
  11. Participate in “Dining for Success” event
  12. Other approved activities*
  13. Attend an information session* (i.e., MGD, FMP, Internship, Club Fair, 4+1 MBA)
  14. Actively participate in a student organization
  15. Engaging in Continuous Learning*
  16. Advanced Continuous Learning Opportunities*
  17. Attend a recruiting event*
  18. Lunch With Your Professor - Please see LSBE website for specific details/requirements.
  19. Attend a Study Abroad information session
  20. Attend a Career Services Workshop*
  21. Completion of Excel Workshop Series 1
  22. Completion of Excel Workshop Series 2
  23. Volunteering for an LSBE Event, i.e. Entrepreneurship Conference or Modeling for Dress for Success event, etc.*
  24. Participate in a Health/Wellness event sponsored by Health Services

Group B - Cultural Awareness and Inclusivity (Complete 3 activities)
To prepare for the business world, these activities provide an awareness and understanding of appreciating differences among people and how to embrace diversity in the workplace. 

  1. Attend a cultural diversity event (e.g. events organized by the office of Diversity and Inclusivity)*
  2. Attend a cultural diversity event sponsored by LSBE*
  3. Attend an event organized by the Alworth Institute*
  4. Attend an event that supports an understanding and appreciation of differences among others*
  5. Other approved activities*

Group C - Experiential Immersion (Complete 1 activity)
By completing these activities, students receive hands-on experience that supplements their classroom education.

  1. Complete a Study Abroad short term or semester program
  2. Participate in a  Students to Business project or the VITA program*
  3. Complete an internship with the LSBE internship program
  4. Participate in a mentorship program
  5. Participate in the Take Back College Leadership Workshop
  6. Complete 150 hours of work experience that is related to your major/career
  7. Serve as an officer in a student organization
  8. Complete 40 hours of community service
  9. Complete a UROP project or work as a Research Assistant supporting a faculty member
  10. Participate in a regional competition related to your major
  11. Earn professional certification in your discipline
  12. Serve on a collegiate or campus committee
  13. Serve on the LSBE Entrepreneurship Conference Planning Committee
  14. Other approved activities*
  15. Provide leadership to UMD students through participation in a campus-wide program*
  16. Certification of Excel Workshop Series 1 & 2


  • Activities marked with a * can be repeated for two stamps for that category.
  • Additional activities from Group C can be applied to Group A.
  • Transfer students with 45 or more credits are expected to complete A=3, B=1, C=1.