Business Day at UMD


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BUSINESS DAY on February 18, 2017, has been cancelled due to low enrollment.

Registered students were notified of cancellation by e-mail.

You are invited to the Labovitz School at UMD for a day of fun activities, information sessions, gifts, and food!

Ever wonder what it is like to be a student of business in college? Do you want to know what business majors you can choose from at UMD? How much salary can they expect in their first job? Get Answers to all your questions by attending the Inaugural Business Day at University of Minnesota Duluth!

Students studying in LSBE atrium
Program Schedule
9:30am Check-In
10:00am Welcome and Overview of Day
10:30am Business Activity Session I
11:00am Business Activity Session II
11:30am Business Activity Session III
Noon Lunch at Superior Dining (provided by program)
1:00pm Tour of Labovitz School's Learning Spaces
1:30pm Resource Fair
2:00pm Wrap-Up and Gift Drawing

business collage
Majors Offered by LSBE
Accounting Health Care Management
Economics BA Human Resource Management
Economic BBA Management Information Systems
Entrepreneurship Marketing
Finance Marketing Analytics
Financial Markets Marketing and Graphic Design