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Students Organization Coordination Council (SOCC)

LSBE Student Clubs and Organizations

The Student Organization Coordinating Council (SOCC) is composed of two representatives, selected by the clubs themselves, from each of the LSBE student organizations. SOCC helps coordinate the LSBE Career Shadowing Program. Career shadowing provides students an opportunity to shadow a business professional as a way to gain insight and knowledge about a particular business field. SOCC also coordinates events for students and encourages collaboration among the LSBE clubs. For example, a club scheduling a prominent business professional is encouraged to invite members from others clubs to participate.  

SOCC sponsors some competitive challenges (e.g. bowling tournament, dodge ball tournament, etc.) where the clubs challenge each other for a coveted championship. SOCC also selects the LSBE Faculty Member of the Year Award, which recognizes the outstanding contributions made to the education of students. In addition, there are times when SOCC is called upon to provide student input into various issues and plans within LSBE.