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Planning for Your LSBE Degree


*As of fall 2016, a new pre-major course LSBE 2000 Interpersonal/Team Skills (1 cr.) is required.

Design, customize, and stay on track.

Our advisors and faculty can assist you with:

  • Candidacy requirements that balance timing and scheduling.
  • Alignment of the UMD Liberal Education program so it reflects your interests.
  • Electives selection that are both INSIDE your major and OUTSIDE of LSBE and that reflect your unique career and life goals.
  • Integration of experiential learning into your academic coursework.
  • Assistance to ensure you're a good fit for the position and career you hope to obtain.
  • Graduate in a timely way!

To achieve these goals, make appointments, develop a relationship, and stay in contact with your assigned advisor.