Fast Track Your Career with Our New 4+1 or Accelerated MBA Options

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September 29, 2017

Get your master’s degree along with your bachelors in a total of just five years or your MBA in as little as 12 months! 

If you’re an LSBE junior, you can enroll in the new 4+1 Integrated MBA program and take up to nine credits of electives during your senior year that count toward both your undergraduate BAcc or BBA degree and MBA requirements. LSBE students can apply for admission to the 4+1 Integrated MBA program in Spring 2018. Students need a 3.3 GPA at the time of admission but do not have to take the GMAT exam.

Once admitted into the program, students can take MBA classes during their fifth year at LSBE. The MBA program has been redesigned so that they can complete all requirements in 12 months.

The Accelerated MBA program offered in Duluth allows anyone who has earned an undergraduate degree and completed all necessary MBA pre-requisite/foundation coursework (available totally online at UMD) to begin the MBA program in June and finish by the following June. Alternatively, students can begin in August and complete their degree the following August.

If you’re a working professional in Northeast Minnesota who has the flexibility to take a full-time load of courses, the newly designed program also allows the ability to complete your MBA at the Labovitz School in as few as 12 months. 

 “We see this as a win-win for nearly all prospective students” says Alan Roline, Director of the MBA Programs. “MBA courses in Duluth are scheduled primarily during the late afternoon/early evening hours, while a variety of electives are offered throughout the day and evenings each semester” he notes. “Students who have the flexibility to go nearly full-time can take 11 credits each semester (10 in the summer), but others who cannot be quite so flexible can still take one or two courses per semester and finish their degree in two or three years.”

The new 4+1 Integrated MBA and the new Accelerated MBA have been added to the existing Part-time MBA and a PharmD/MBA Dual Career Program available in Duluth and the Executive-format MBA offered in Rochester.

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