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Compile. Analyze. Decide. 

If you are interested in the exciting and growing Marketing Analytics field and LSBE's Retail Marketing Analytics Program (ReMAP) be aware that a maximum of twenty students who are either majors or minors in Marketing Analytics are accepted into the program annually in February.

As a ReMAP student, you'll have the opportunity to build a strong foundation of statistical analysis know-how and to directly apply advanced marketing techniques to real-world situations utilizing a supporting network of retail, consumer products and data suppliers  You will develop the skills necessary to make strategic merchandising and marketing decisions.

Highlights of ReMAP include:

  • Specialized coursework designed and supported by faculty from the Marketing, Management Information Science, and Economics departments
  • Use of the Retail Marketing Analytics Lab (Rm 119) to experiment with datasets and sophisticated software tools
  • Active learning opportunities including analytic projects with retailers and consumer products companies which allow students to apply knowledge and skills gained in the classroom to real-world business problems
  • An internship program in which each ReMAP student completes at least a 100 hours of analytic work with an organization of interest
  • A full-time Program Director teaching courses, mentoring students, and running the internship program
ReMAP students Midwest Undergraduate Data Analytics Competition 2015 ReMAP students