UMD Seniors Analyze Investment Options

Curt Lachappelle, Stephen Espel, and Nathan Herman
December 22, 2016

UMD seniors advance through an intensive and experiential semester while managing the LSBE Financial Markets Program's investment fund.  

Curt Lachappelle, Stephen Espel, and Nathan Herman, seniors in the Labovitz School of Business and Economics' (LSBE) Financial Markets Program, are currently building on UMD’s student-managed investment fund. "The Bulldog Fund, LLC” has investments in 48 companies and is currently valued at $1.2 million dollars. Joe Artim, director of the tiered LSBE Financial Markets Program, created a curriculum that is centered around hands-on learning where students research, analyze, collaborate, and manage real investments inside the program's investment portfolio.


There are two students assigned to each of the nine different sectors that manage existing portfolio holdings, as well as generate new investment ideas over the program's 15-month experience. Students are assigned to each sector based on interest in the spring semester, before starting the formal academic component in the fall. Curt is in the Consumer Discretionary Sector that invests in companies that cater towards items that are purchased by consumers with disposable income. Stephen and Nathan are in the Energy Sector that invests in companies such as oil and natural gas. Each group is responsible for managing five or six companies that they think will do better than the sector overall. Read More