Alumnus Jeff Johnson: Music and Film Production

Jeff Johnson
July 19, 2016

A trombone and french horn ring in harmony over the scene of a blue-sky day in Wisconsin. A woman begins speaking. The song playing is “Unexplainable Stories” by Cloud Cult, and the woman is describing the effect on her of tragic murders in River Falls, Wisconsin. The 20-minute Cloud Cult clip is just one of Jeff Johnson’s intense and emotional film productions. His company, Motion 117 Productions, with clients that include Minnesota Public Radio, Pepsi, Mall of America, and Urban Ventures, showcases his passion for audio and visual design.


As a student, Jeff brought the headlining band, The Black Eyed Peas, to UMD. It was a monumental task, and Jeff dove into the details. In 2004, Jeff graduated in marketing from the Labovitz School of Business and Economics. While he decided to form his own company, which is decidedly in the creative realm, he credits his classes with giving him the skills to run the financial side of his business. Read More