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Student Organizations

Financial Planning Club

The Financial Planning Club provides an overview to its members of the financial planning profession by inviting professionals to campus and by attending off-campus events. The Club invites speakers and UMD graduates to share with you their career path, experiences, and what to expect when you graduate. The Club also attends state-wide networking events multiple times a year where participants have an opportunity to network and learn more about the profession.

Investment Club

The Investment Club is committed to furthering your interests in investments and finance. Activities include bringing in professional and academic speakers, taking part in a virtual stock exchange contest, and working toward making professional connections in the business world.

Cost - $10 per semester/$15 for the year. (covers pizza and pop at meetings)

Management Information Systems Club

The Management Information Systems Club aims to help improve awareness of the significance of Information Systems and Technology in business. Goals of the club are to

  • Create a professional network of students, faculty, and businesses while gaining insight to potential career opportunities in the information technology industry.
  • Inform students on latest trends, developments, and news in the MIS field.
  • Provide assistance to students needing help with MIS related questions and problems.
  • Promote the major and inform students of what MIS entails.
  • Visit companies to get an understanding of what MIS professionals do on a daily basis.


The Labovitz School of Business and Economics has made various opportunities available for you to gain valuable job experience related to your respective field of study prior to graduation. Work-integrated learning, commonly referred to as Cooperative Education, celebrated its 100-year anniversary in 2006. What started out as a means of training better engineering graduates has spread to all fields of collegiate study.

You may use it as the first step toward a future job, to acquire new skills and knowledge of processes, to conduct a self-assessment (how well you are prepared for a given occupation), or to learn something about yourself through a reflective view about your life. In most instances, friends are made, future contacts are established, and, in some cases, a whole new world may open up you did not know existed. 

If you want to know more, contact the Program Director:

Angie Soderberg
Internship Program Director
Labovitz School of Business & Economics
Phone: (218)726-6118

Professional Organizations

The following professional organizations contribute to faculty, staff, and student's education throughout the academic year. With resources as these, individuals are able to strengthen their research and maintain status with current industry connections. These groups bridge the gap between the world of academia and real world industry.