The LSBE MBA program on the Rochester campus gave Jeff Anderson the business tools he was looking for.

“It’s amazing what you can find out if you ask, and it’s amazing what you can get if you ask.”   Joel Labovitz

What is it like to be one of the top 20 student financial research teams in North, Central, and South America?

Students have completed extensive research projects as part of their classes. 

UMD Startup Cup Entrepreneurship Competition to be held virtually on the evening of Wednesday, April 7.

The Regional Economic Indicators Forum Goes Virtual 

UMD interns were ranked #1 nationally out of more than 3,000 interns for sales production by Northwestern Mutual. 

David McMillan and his start at the Bureau of Business and Economic Research.

Joel LaChappelle and Morgan Hess earned top honors in a worldwide sales competition using their masterful selling skills with an artificial intelligence bot. 

Students aren’t the only learners on campus. 

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