PharmD/MBA Dual Career Option (Duluth)

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This program, developed in conjunction with the School of Pharmacy in Duluth, allows Pharmacy students to earn their MBA as they complete their PharmD degree. Pharmacists with an MBA can enter into management positions within a wide variety of pharmacy settings or utilize their business savvy in pharmaceutical sales careers.

After establishing their studies in the Doctor of Pharmacy program, students enter the MBA program and earn an MBA as they finish their PharmD. Unlike other programs, students can begin taking pre-MBA foundation coursework online as soon as they enter the program, and may even be able to take a limited number of MBA courses as early as their first year. Most students, however, will take MBA courses in conjunction with year two and three of their pharmacy education, earning an MBA by the time they finish their fourth year.


PharmD MBA student

Other reasons to consider the PharmD/MBA Dual Career Option:

  • AACSB Accreditation. The Labovitz MBA is the only AACSB accredited program in the Northeast Minnesota region.  For additional information about AACSB Accreditation, click here.
  • Global Recognition. The Labovitz MBA is issued by the University of Minnesota's Graduate School, which is globally recognized for its academic excellence.
  • Ph.D. Qualified Faculty. The majority of our faculty are PhDs with an active research agenda in the area that they teach. They know the theory, and are experts at communicating those theories in ways you can understand and apply in your career.


Program Specifics

The PharmD/MBA Dual Career program is for Duluth College of Pharmacy PharmD students who want to also pursue an MBA degree from the Labovitz School of Business and Economics. This program is competitive, challenging, and rewarding; it builds on the foundation of business knowledge students already have in order for them to become more valuable employees and more confident, capable leaders. 

The PharmD/MBA Dual Career Program enables students to complete the two degrees in a shorter time frame than if the degrees were pursued separately. To complete both degrees within a four-year period, students will carry a very demanding course load. Students must be in good standing academically and not on probation. After acceptance into the dual degree program, students meet with both their PharmD and MBA advisors to ensure their study plan satisfies requirements for both degrees.



Labovitz MBA Program
Dr. Alan Roline
Program Director
Phone: 218-726-8550

PharmD Program
Katie Vukelich
Phone: 218-726-6038

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