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The Labovitz MBA is designed to keep tuition costs as affordable as possible. In June of 2015, the Labovitz MBA program obtained approval from the University of Minnesota Board of Regents to reduce its tuition by 25% (the only program in the University of Minnesota system to reduce tuition in that year).  Also, by placing the prerequisite courses outside of the MBA program, rather than incorporating them, we have been able to reduce the overall number of graduate-level courses (and thus graduate-level tuition) required.  When comparing costs, make sure to compare total program costs—not just the per credit cost.  You will see that the Labovitz MBA is competitively priced, especially for an AACSB accredited program with the global recognition of the University of Minnesota.

Tuition Costs (2017 - 18)

Per Credit $1045 per credit
Per Course

$1045 for a 1-credit course

$2090 for a 2-credit course

$3135 for a 3-credit course

Total Program $33,440

These figures do not reflect student fees, books or other course materials.  Tuition rates and fees are subject to annual increases by the University of Minnesota Board of Regents.

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