Program Learning Goals and Objectives

MBA Program

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As part of our accreditation process, the Labovitz MBA Program has developed a set of program learning goals and objectives. Through a process of continuous improvement, we strive to ensure that all graduates of our program meet the following objectives:

Core Knowledge and Skills

  • Learning Goal: Communicate effectively in business contexts.
    Learning Objective 1A:     Produce professional quality business documents.
    Learning Objective 1B:     Deliver professional quality business-oriented presentations.
  • Learning Goal: Diagnose and evaluate accurately business problems to make effective managerial decisions.
    Learning Objective 2A:     Use appropriate quantitative tools and techniques to analyze business problems.
    Learning Objective 2B:     Apply quantitative information to make effective decisions.
    Learning Objective 2C:     Apply qualitative information, tools/techniques, and appropriate theories to make effective decisions.
  • Learning Goal: Integrate ethical and global perspectives in managerial decisions.
    Learning Objective 3A:     Identify and resolve ethical and legal issues in managerial situations.
    Learning Objective 3B:     Identify and analyze relevant global issues in managerial situations.

Management Specific Knowledge and Skills

  • Learning Goal: Demonstrate an advanced level of business acumen.
    Learning Objective 4A:     Know the core functional business areas from a managerial perspective: accounting, finance, management [human resources and operations], and marketing.
    Learning Objective 4B:     Integrate knowledge of the core functional business areas that reflect cross-functional aspects of management.
  • Learning Goal: Demonstrate knowledge and skills to be effective leaders.
    Learning Objective 5A:     Explore their leadership qualities and identify opportunities for leadership development.
    Learning Objective 5B:     Apply knowledge of individuals, groups, and the organizational context to influence and direct the work of others effectively.