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2018-2019 MBA Fellowship Recipients

MBA Programs

Thomas & Mary Duff Graduate Tuition Fellowship

Justin Koepsel - Rochester, MN | Justin is a Technology Development Manager working at Mayo Clinic Ventures and has a background in biotechnology with a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering. He enjoys spending time with his friends and family and riding his bike on the Minnesota roads.

Ashley Krautkramer - Rochester, MN | Ashley is a Team Leader of Business Analytics at Hormel Foods in Austin, MN. She has been with Hormel for over 6 years and when she is not working, likes to bike, hike, and travel.

Fred C. and Mary H. Lewis UMD MBA Scholarship

Joseph Yernatich - Duluth, MN | Joe is a native Duluthian who graduated in 2017 with a finance degree and is now pursuing his MBA while being a starting offensive-lineman for the UMD football team.

Maki Graduate Tuition Fellowships

Avudaiappan Chokkalingam - Rochester, MN | Avudaiappan has been recognized widely in his work due to the Labovitz MBA program and is in line for a promotion. He works in Clinical Research and leads the Spine Clinical research division at Mayo Clinic. He is humbled that he has been presented with the Maki fellowship for the second time.

Quinn Proffer - Rochester, MN | Quinn helps academic medical centers implement new software to improve their operations and patient experience. Outside of work, he never misses an opportunity to get out on the water during the Minnesota summers!

LSBE Graduate Student Tuition Fellowships

Jeff Anderson – Rochester, MN | Jeff Anderson, PhD, is currently managing the Office of Translantion to Practice at Mayo Clinic, which is tasked with developing innovative products for patients. Other accomplishments include being a registered patent agent and a former American Diabetes Association postdoctoral fellow.

Amy Hoerle - Byron, MN | Amy is a mother of three who has spent the past 20 years working in various technical roles. She has volunteered in many capacities in her local community and now serves as executive vice-president of COMMON, A Users Group.

Olivia Huston – Rochester, MN | Olivia is a current MBA student who is interested in the business aspect of Medicine. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her dogs and horses.

Adrienne Strickland - Cloquet, MN | Adrienne has her Bachelor's degree in Accounting and her CPA license. She is currently working on her MBA here at UMD.

Paul Timm - Rochester, MN | Paul recently received a master's degree in nonprofit management and is the head research assistant for the Sleep and Cognitive Neurophysiology Lab in the Center for Sleep Medicine, Mayo Clinic.