Denni Arli, Ph.D.

Denni Arli

Professional title

Assistant Professor of Marketing


Dr. Denni Arli is currently an Assistant Professor of Marketing, Department of Marketing, Labovitz School of Business and Economics, University of Minnesota Duluth.   His research focuses on social issues and social changes through multidisciplinary approaches. His particular expertise lies in social marketing, social media and marketing, corporate social responsibility and consumer ethics. He has extensive experience managing and conducting research using multiple methodologies including surveys, systematic reviews and depth interviews. He has published in outlets such as Journal Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Consumer Marketing and International Journal of Consumer Studies.


  • University of New South Wales, Australia (2012), Ph.D. in Marketing.
  • St. Mary’s University of Minnesota (2000), MA. in International Business
  • Surabaya University, Indonesia (1998), Adv. Dipl. (Business)
  • Petra Christian University, Indonesia (1996), B.Eng (Architecture)

Research Interests

  • Consumer ethics
  • Social marketing
  • Digital and social media marketing

Selected Publications

  • Steinhoff, L., Arli, D., Weaven, S. and Kozlenkova, I. (2019). Online Relationship Marketing. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 47, 369-393.
  • Van Esch, P., Arli, D., Castner, J. and Talukdar, N. (2018). Consumer Attitudes Toward Bloggers and Paid Blog Advertisements: What’s New? Marketing Intelligence and Planning, 36(7), 778-793.
  • Arli, D., Tjiptono, F., Casidy, R. and Phau, I. (2018). Investigating The Impact of Young Consumers’ Religiosity on Digital Piracy. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 42, 792-803.
  • Arli, D., Van Esch, P. and Trittenbach, M. (2018). Investigating the Mediating Effect of Uber’s Sexual Harassment Case on its Brand: Does it Matter?. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 43, 111-118.
  • Arli, D. Bauer, C. and Palmatier, R. (2018). Relational Selling: Past, Present and Future. Industrial Marketing Management, 69(2), 169-184.
  • Arli, D., Grace, A., Palmer, J. and Pham, C. (2017). Investigating the Direct and Indirect Effects of Corporate Hypocrisy and Perceived Corporate Reputation On Consumers’ Attitudes Toward the Company. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 37, 139-145.
  • Arli, D. & Cadeaux, J. (2017). Understanding External Benefits for HIV/AIDS Control in a Subsistence Marketplace: Implications for Public Policy and Marketing. Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 36(1), 1-20.
  • Arli, D. (2017). Exploring Consumer Ethics: a Segmentation Study. Journal of Consumer Marketing 34(7), 636-645.
  • Tjiptono, F., Arli, D. & Viviena. (2016). Examining Determinants of Attitude toward Digital Piracy among Youths in an Emerging Market. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 40, 168-178.
  • Pekerti, A. & Arli, D. (2016). Do cultural and generational changes matter to ideologies and consumer ethics? A comparative study of Australians, Indonesians and Indonesian Migrants in Australia. Journal of Business Ethics, 143(2), 387-404.
  • Arli, D., Cherrier, H. & Tjiptono, F. (2016). God Blesses Those Who Love Him: The Impact of Religiosity on Attitude toward Luxury Brands and Materialism in Indonesia. Marketing Intelligence and Planning, 34(1), 61-79.
  • Arli,D., Leo, C. and Tjiptono, F. (2016). Investigating the Impact of Guilt and Shame Proneness on Consumer Ethics: A Cross National Study. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 40(1), 2-13.
  • Thomas, D.C., Liao, Y., Aycan, Z., Pekerti, A., Ravlin, E.C., Lazarova, M.B., Fock, H., Arli, D., Moeller, M., Okimoto, H. & Vijver, F. (2015). Cultural Intelligence: A Short, Theory-Based Measure. Journal of International Business Studies, 46(9), 1099-1118.
  • Arli. D. & Tjiptono F. (2014). The End of Religion? Examining the Role of Religiousness, Materialism and Long-Term Orientation on Consumer Ethics in Indonesia. Journal of Business Ethics, 123(3), 385-400.
  • Bucic, T., Harris, J. & Arli. D. (2012). Ethical Consumers among the Millennials: A Cross National Study. Journal of Business Ethics, 10(1), 113-131.
  • Arli, D. & Lasmono, H. (2010). Consumer’s Perception of Corporate Social Responsibility in a Developing Country, International Journal of Consumer Studies, 34(1), 46- 51.

Courses Taught

  • Marketing Research
  • Social Marketing